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5 June 24 Edition of ATAP News

Who wants to be a Business Advisor?

Providing business advisory services satisfies the needs of so many of our clients.  It also provides a new source of revenue for experienced professionals and those who are phasing out of their practices and transitioning to a more consulting role.  But who exactly is a ‘business advisor’?

ATAP believes that business advisory requires specialty training.  To ensure that ATAP members have the training and background to provide professional level advice to their clients, ATAP has partnered with the Institute of Advisors.  The Institute of Advisors® runs certification courses for business advisors and business consultants in 10 countries around the world.  The Institute is the leading global educational body with headquarters based in Sydney, Australia.  Click HERE to find out more about the Institute of Advisors

The Institute membership includes a combination of new start advisors as well as established consultants, coaches and advisors that wish to improve their practice.  Members of the Institute include accountancy & bookkeeping firms, ex business owners and managers, wealth planners, business coaching and legal firms and other professionals from around the world.  The Institute was founded in 2009 with the aim of raising the standards in Business Advisory services.

GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED TRAINING PROVIDER: The Institute of Advisors® is a registered training organization with the Australian government (RTO 91675).  The institute owns the copyright to the 10889NAT Diploma of Business Advisory.  The Institute markets the Certificate course (non VET accredited) and the diploma of Business Advisory, Exit & Succession planning and sales & marketing courses for Business Advisors.

ATAP members now can earn a trusted credential in business advisory. The ATAP Certified Professional Business Advisor credential is unique in Canada and only available to members of ATAP.  As independent practice owners themselves, ATAP members can offer insights and experiences that are unique to those who are building businesses.

We believe that to be a trusted business advisor, the professional will have considerable training in both how to work with clients and how to ensure their business advisory practice is structured, client-focused and dependable.  The program is hands on and practical and is designed to prepare practice owners to use their experience within a structured program for business advisory.  In addition, CPBA credentialled ATAP members have access to global resources and an international network of business advisors and consultants.   Click HERE to find out about the ATAP- Certified Professional Business credential

Not a member of ATAP yet?  Click here to determine if you qualify for membership and to start the process to become a member to start the process to obtaining your credential.