What is the Lawrie Insurance Group

Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers was originally established in November 1978 as Dan Lawrie Insurance Agency and was part of an existing life insurance brokerage operation. We are a fiercely independent insurance brokerage with no financial ties to any of our insuring partners, allowing us to be truly objective in meeting the needs of our clients.

Through our integrated financial services department we provide, in addition to our extensive Errors and Omissions Insurance, property and casualty services, a complete range of life, health, mutual funds, R.R.S.P.’s, financial and estate planning products and services. Our corporate financial services include employee benefits, pension plans and executive financial planning. We are also a leading provider of Credit Insurance services.

Our Core Values at Dan Lawrie Insurance

People are at the heart of any company’s ability to succeed, people who share the same values and purpose.

Our shared Core Values guide us in everything we do for our clients as their trusted advisor.

Passion for our Clients of Dan Lawrie Insurance

  • Our clients’ needs and expectations drive everything we do.
  • We realize that we are dealing with their financial security and act accordingly in all we do.
  • We make commitments with care and follow through.
  • We build positive relationships through outstanding service.

Honesty & Integrity

  •  We are professionals and our reputation is built on ethical behavior.
  • We exhibit unwavering courage to do what is right.
  • We treat sensitive information confidentially.
  • We take ownership and accountability for all that we do.
  • We promote relationships of trust & respect.
  • We admit when we don’t know and commit to finding a solution.


  • We foster a continuous learning environment in which each of us can realize out fullest potential and excel as part of a successful team.
  • We embrace quality standards and continuous improvement.
  • We strive to do it right the first time.
  • We take intense pride in our work and how we serve our clients.


  • We are committed to sustained financial strength and best practices applications.
  • Through innovation and continuous improvement we will continue to be ranked in the top 5% of brokerages in Canada.
  • We will continue to anticipate our clients needs in all areas of insurance and financial services.
  • We provide our clients with industry leading expertise from a team of highly qualified specialists in each discipline.

Our operating practices and business strategies will change constantly in response to a changing world and our clients’ needs, but our Core Values are not subject to change. They are constant. They are timeless and enduring, and we passionately believe in them.

Lawrie Insurance has discounted prices for members in good standing within ATAP.

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